Chocolate has a way to fill little ones and grown-ups with wonder! Several virtues have been attributed to it. It wipes away tears, is an essential part of the survival kit, and is the element that we passionately love to give and receive. In brief, chocolate is an inexhaustible source of happiness in itself.

Chocolaterie Mathilde Fays is very pleased to provide you with customized events that put chocolate in the spotlight while also giving you an access to its privileged universe.

Chocolate, at my place!

Yes. The chocolaterie can bring its unique experience...Right in your home. Whatever it is for a kid birthday, a school, a kindergarten,a business, or an old age home, we can organize an activity that is tailored to age group, the type of clientele and the number of guests to make chocolate pieces with you and teach you how to best taste them.

Draw me something!

Drawing with chocolate...Have you ever thought about it? It is possible in our Oka boutique. This event is perfect for a kid birthday as well as for a family or friend gathering... And not only for the little ones!

In a group of 4 to 6, you will explore the chocolatier profession by working with chocolate to create a true artist canvas that you will have the pleasure to discover in its entirety at the end of the event. You will then be able to proudly bring your masterpiece home. The challenge will be to resist to the temptation to take a bite out of it before you get home!